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In my family we have 2 small Stihl's, a medium sized(18"?) Stihl, and my brother has a large(24"?) Husqvarna. They are all good saws. The 2 smaller Stihl's are newer and I don't like them as much as the older one. They seem to have a lot more plastic on them. The Husqvarna is a horse. It's a lot louder than the Stihl's, though. My dad, brother, and uncle all burn wood so we use them a lot and they hold up to the abuse quite well.

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Husqvarna- Only because I ride their dirt bikes..And my uncle has had one for lots-o-years and no trouble. I think he got it from my grampa way back in the day. I know that you don't want to cheap out cause you'll wind up spending more fixing and replacing one in a year versus buying a good one to last a lifetime.

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Mike I have cut firewood for a living my 20 year old Echo still cuts great but I broke the throttle linkage so haven't used it in a while. I also have a Husky which is pushing 20 years old it is a smaller model with a 18in bar. I have owned a lot of Stilh saws as well. When I was cutting for a living for a friends company I ran 2 Stilh 056 saws with 20in bars when I left in the morning I took a min of 10 sharp chains when the first saw ran out of gas I grabbed the second when it ran out throw a new chain on and gas up the first saw by rotating the saws I never had a issue I cut with those saws for over 2 years they still cut and ran great when I sold them. I would guess each saw probable cut close to 500 cord of firewood. I bougth my Husky when I was driving a skidder as I needed a light fast saw I bought the Echo as a back up saw and have got years of use out of it. Pretty much any of the saws mentioned will do just fine for you. Probably more important is where can you get it serviced and buy parts? Having to pay to ship it back to the factory sux and since most warranties won't allow a markup on parts many shops won't take parts off the shelf to service a saw they did not sell. I know we do it at our shop when customers buy from out of state dealers to get the big savings and then want us to fix it. Well we will fix it under warranty but won't pay any shipping so it gets fixed whenever the parts show up from the factory. On the other hand if you buy from us will will take parts off the shelf or even rob other units to get you back on the road. So for the amount of use you are talking about where you buy it may be as important as which one you buy. Oh yea and I have a ton of wood here lots of small birch you are welcome to it if you want to come and get it.

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Mike, You can kill two birds with one stone. Buy one of the quality saws recommended in this thread, and give it to your wife as a gift.:lol: It could save you some money @ Christmas, Birthday, or Anniversary. Of course you want to be ready to show her how to operate it, so she can truly enjoy your thoughtful gift.

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