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Superstitions on the Water.

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just out of curiosity, do any of you have superstitions with fishing???

I have a friend that always wears these old stinky shoes, another that needs his red bandana and even another that can't be without his oreo cookies or they wont fish.

i myself am not superstitious. then again, i do always tap the motor twice when i get in the boat. I also talk to my boat out in the driveway the night before each outing or tournament.

over the years, many of my friends have their own strange traditions and superstitions. I'll write about them in a future article.

what are some of your superstitions or traditions as it relates to fishing???

Chris Dymale

The rubber band stretches, the rod doubles over in the holder, then snaps back hard when the band breaks free from the release. The fish pulls hard, stays near bottom with steady/heavy pressure, with very few head shakes. I stand poised at the back of the boat with net in hand, waiting for that first deep water glimpse of that yellow/white tipped tailed monster. Then it happens. One of the clients (usually the one not fighting the fish) says those 4 words I detest. "It's Probably a SheepsHead". Few other things bring me down more. And the actual saying of this poison incantation can (I believe) actually change an 8 pound walleye into a 4 pound sheepie. Capt. Dan.:no::lol:

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I have a few superstitions.

1. Never bring a banana on my boat, ever!

2. No beer drinking before the 1st fish, or 7:00 a.m.

3. A round of beers is customary after the 1st fish, kind of a celebration. A few times we have forgot about the celebratory beer and fishing slowed. Never seems to fail, when we crack the beer shortly into the slurping we hit another fish.

4. Don't ever say out loud, " I think we're really going to nail em' today." This statement brings out some of the worst fishing possible.

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Never stare at the rods,never fish the vhf radio(just cause other boats are doing fish on a certain spread,doesn't mean it'll work for you-fish your own program}.

Don't believe everything you hear on the radio,a cell phone call from a buddy is different.

New lures require hook sharpening,I snap if I see someone put out a lure without checking the hooks.:angry2:

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I never take the beer out of the fish cooler to put in other cooler until there is a fish in there and sometimes the beer still stays in there:grin: Adds flavor!

Never assume/say that you are going to slay 'em or that a fish is caught until its in the cooler.

Most importantly, do NOT trust NOAA predictions!!!!!!

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It's bad luck to argue with me on my boat. But I'm a gentleman on and off the water. That's why I'll give the offender a life jacket to aid in his return trip. :lol: Can't have any bad Karma on the Priority1. Grumpy Old Men can't be held responsible for whatever circumstance you may find yourself in.:) Never fight with an old-timer. If he kicks your A$$, you look silly. If you kick his, you look even worse.:lol:

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Not necessarily on the water but I always circle the trailer twice to check everything then stop and check again at the end of my block... OCD...?

After launching and heading down the channel I usually say a quick silent prayer for saftey and a smooth trip. That, and I carry an old mermaid lure hanging on my windshield.. Nothing too weird I reckon.

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