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The wife recomended the boat's name.. I think she's implying I spend too much money on my boat.. Is that possible? :D

Here she is a few years back.


And again with the new mooring cover, just in time for winter.


Figured while it was in the canvass shop a more roomy bimini might be a good idea.


Plenty of head room now.


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The whole job ran about a grand...This guy does really good work too.

I'm thinkin the poles were $150 and the canvass work about $400.

The boat is a 1971 Slickcraft SS235.

I removed and replaced all of the seating with what you see now. I had these carmel colored fold outs originally. I thought they took up too much space along with the jump seats next to the dog house. The replacements seating was much brighter and the small seats can me mounted behind the front seats or next to the dog house. Both areas have mounts installed.

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Thanks guys.

I also completed my stereo system this summer. 1000w on the two subs and 400w to the bose and infinities. Man!! Its amazing how much sound it produces. It sounds pretty sweet at lower levels too. I have a Kenwood head unit but after using my MP3 it hasn't seen any action since..

A little bottom paint and I think she's done... Cept maybe that stripper pole...:cool:

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