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Fished Ludington Saturday morning. Went almost to the bath house and started fishing North at 6:00AM. Early glow bite didn't work to well for us.

Took the first fish on glow wonderbread off a high dipsy (on 3 back 110).

Second fish off green spatterback silver horde on rigger, down 40.

Third fish off the same high dipsey (on 3 back 180).

Then a double one low wire dipsey with a blue superglow spoon (on 1, back 65) and two on a full core with glow wonderbread (farmed this one).

Sixth fish was on mongolian beef, 75 down on rigger.

Seventh fish was a high diver (on 3, back 200) with superglow spoon with 4 yellow dots down center (don't remember the name).

Eighth fish was a hog on low diver (on 1, back 110).

All in all a good morning. 7 for 8 and the captain had a migraine so we were back in the barn by 9:00.

Its a real zoo at the pierheads, so watch yourself there.:grin:

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