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Field Testers For Yogurt Flies


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I have been contacted by Yogurt flies. They would like to have their flies tested. Its late in the season, and they would like to get them tested before the end of the season. They are looking to put their products in the hands of 5 people. I am not sure how many flies each person will receive. Who is still fishing and would be able to test these within the next two weeks and write a review?

All reviews will be reviewed by me before they are posted.

Your review will be based on.




and if it catches fish :D

I need your name and mailing address. The flies will be shipped directly to you.


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I think I could help as I have already been fishing them from samples given to me at the big John Pro am by the steelheaders this past spring and I have been having alot of success with Canadian Ketchup. I have two of the same color and would love to try some other colors as these flys seem to be real durable. I have been fishing this set up with a blue 8"pro troll the last three trips behing a wire dipsey, been one of our better setups. I believe I mentioned these on the last couple of posts.

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Hi Mike I am still getting out at least 3 times a week weather permiting. Had a good fly bite going in 150ft tonight but my younger brother can't catch fish sober either.

Tight Lines



Send me your shipping information in a private message.


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I'd be happy to give them a try and let you/them know how they did. Ill be going fishing my usual 2-3 times a week still. Lemme kno.

I need a shipping address. Send it to me in a PM.

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No more field testers are needed for this product.

I passed the names and addresses on for those of you who wanted to test them.

Please get these tested ASAP. Remember to take your camera with you. Reviews with pictures would be appreciated.


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