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Muskegon is red hot

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We've been running out of Muskegon almost everyday on our charterboat and the fishing has been outstanding to say the least. Limit catches are common in the mornings and good numbers are still available in the evenings. Fishing 90-160 FOW setting riggers at 95, 101, 106 down. Fish the 11" Pro-Troll with fishscale tape tipped with a Rapture Oceanna Fly. Leader lengths of 33-40 inches to the back of the hooks on the fly. Divers set on 1.5-2 with the mag rings on them 220-250 back. If the Oceanna fly slows down with bites try the Frosted fern or Hitman No-see-um. Cores have been 200-450 ft of copper and Silver Horde Ace high models in the double glow,green or blue spatterbacks or the double glow with pink dots.

Hope this helps.

Get out there and fish.

Capt. Phil




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