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Muskegon Sat pm and Sun. wmfl

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Saturday the wind layed down after 6pm so we motored out to 120' and set up. With the seas not to bad we ran 4 divers 4 riggers a full core and a 250 copper.

The fish where very hungry as we landed 8 and knocked one off at the net. (a very big one at that 18+). The full core took a nice Steelhead with the Blue Flounder Pounder. Wire diver back 280' (at 300 back we where hitting the bottom in 130 fow) with the Blue flasher and a Siggs fly was by far the best set up for the big kings. It took these fishCRW_5644.jpg


As well as the Big boy that my 1st mate was nice enough to knock off with the net. This fish pulled off 150' of wire.


We got a few small kings on the assortment of Moon shine spoons as dark set in (details are kinda sketchy). Sunday am was not nice to us. My 19' Crestliner was bobbing around like a Ping Pong Ball in a hurricane. Boat control was not easy as one tangle after another really beat us up. Congrats to the guys that did good! We ended sunday 3 for 9 with only 2 small Kings and a Greaser.

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