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Muskegon 8/23am - 13 for 16

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I made it out Saturday morning in the 2-4/3-5 foot waves today with Tom(tltorrice), Kevin, Rich, Tyler, and my two sons.

We left the dock around 6am and motor out. We dropped in at 105FOW and started to set lines. While I was in the process setting the 3rd rigger, the 2nd one fired. After a short battle, we lost this fish. :( This rigger was set at 100'. After I reset this rigger, another one fired. We boxed this fish. This one came on Stinger NITRO Snow Snake on a fixed slider 10' above the ball. This rigger was set at 90'

About this time, Tyler started feeling ill. Tom, Kevin, and I talked and we decided to let Tyler make the call on whether we go in or stay out. He wanted to stay out, so we immediately tried to shift his focus from staring at the bottom of the boat. Just our luck, a rigger fired and we put it in his hands. This seemed to take his mind off how he was feeling. It also helped that we got into the fish about this time and proceded to deck load the boat. After an hour flurry we had 9 fish in the box.

Most of these fish came on Sliver Horde green myler and blue myler plugs. These 2 baits went a combined 8 times! Here is Tom with a 10lb king that hit the Silver Horde blue myler plug.


Our next hot ticket was an 11" Pro Troll double pearl flasher with a Siggs Rigs Green Mist trophy fly. This set up on a wire diver put 5 fish in our box. The diver with a mag ring was set on #3. We took a couple of fish with 250' of wire out, and 3 more with 300' of wire out. He is Tom doing battle on a wire diver with this set up.


Here is the end result of a 15 minute battle with a 17lb king. This fish hit hard on the wire diver and ripped off a quick 150' of wire! After several more long runs we finally managed to boat her.


This is Kevin, Rich, Tyler, and Tom and our catch. 10 chinook, 1 coho, and 2 lake trout.


Key notes!!!!!

We fished 110-130FOW

The temp at 80' down was 64 degrees.

The temp at 90' down was 54 degrees.

The temp at 100' down was 49 degrees.

Riggers set at 90, 100, 110 were consistant producers

Wire divers with a mag ring set on #3 with 250' and 300' of wire out.

Full core with 4oz dive bombs. We boxed 2 fish with this set up and had Silver Horde plugs(1 green myler and 1 blue myler) on these.

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Great job in some tough conditions. Boy did that blow change things. Sure pushed that break deep!!! Thanks for the report.:cool:

I had not been out in a couple of weeks. Things had completely changed in those 2 weeks. Thanks to some reports I read on this website this week, we started right in the fish!

A big THANKS to every member who posted fishing reports this week!

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Mike, Thanks again for taking us out with you on Saturday. We all had a great time and learned a few things. I am glad Tyler was feeling better and hung in there. Now both boys are suffering from sore arms from reeling in fish.






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