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Don't know what scattered them, but our "hot" marks from the last 2 trips scattered...BIG TIME. Sounded like from the rest of the radio reports it was similar fishing across the board.

Dropped lines about 7:30 after some early battery switching around due to a DUD. Started about a mile south of old marks and trolled NNE with the big rollers till 12:30 We did pull 12 'eyes including an impressive 8#, 28 3/4" MALE as well as dropping 5 others, :blink: :blink: ! Also banged a nice 8# or so buck steelie that put on a brief air show on purple icicle down 65 and about an hour later lost a MAG bug eater :woohoo: on the same rigger, same set up. The MAG jumped 5 times before trying to run the boat and I just couldn't keep up speed reelin'. Got a good look at him 3 or 4 of the jumps and I'd have to say he was pushing 12 or 13#. Oh well, today was not a tourney. By the time we pulled lines at 12:30, we were about due north of the light house, about 16 miles out. No concentrations of fish or bait, but fish scattered all over the place. The one constant was that they were ON THE BOTTOM. Inside wires, 1.5 back 190 both watermellon meat took a few. Outsides on 3.5 back 250 with HOT 42nd DW spoon. 1 'eye on a firetiger Bagley back 450 down the chute and the rest on modified Blue Dolphin Super Slim on the deep rigger riding the bottom and outside braids with 42nds.

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