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Hope for Lake M. anglers????

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I got this off GLA. I was beginning to feel bad about all the BIG fish out of Lake O.

Monster kings caught aboard NETMINDER....."

I just got an email from Capt. George Peplinski with a picture of the 30.75# King his son Capt. Chris caught on 8-15-08. When I called to congratulate them on this fine fish George told me that this morning 8-17-08 Chris caught a 31# king near the same spot!! Two thirty pound + fish in three days!! wow..... So when did all the big fish leave Lake Michigan??!! They fish between Manistee and Frankfort.

I tried to post the pic along with this notice and the dang thing won't let me. I'll have the pics up on my website within a day or two.

For all you skeptics out there each fish was weighed and certified by the MI DNR for master angler awards.

I had the chance and good fortune to fish with George and Chris this summer and they run an awesome program.......with many happy customers. Way to go NETMINDER!!

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