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Conny afire 8/17

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Bing, bang, boom...

Decent ride out in the morning and set up around the 4N 36W (good ways east of the 'Bula brigade). Waves built and then subsided throughout the morning starting with less than 2' rollers and as tall as 3 to 5s starting to form some teeth.

Had both riggers in and was letting out the first wire and fired the probe rigger, that's kind of the gist of today.

Screen was PACKED with marks and bait from there east and we peppered them all morning along with a mix of whities, yellow desirables, and Fish Ohio Farm Animals. Pretty sure that we hooked up on 2 steelies as well, only to have them both come unbuttoned. Dropped 8 fish :eek::eek: in the commotion of rods being on the floor of the boat, nets with fish in them and tightly loaded rigger rods firing with no one being able to get to them.

Chaos for about 2 1/2 hrs. Finished our 3 man ticket of 'eyes and 5 bonus jumbos with a triple, our 2nd of the day. Hot tickets were Purple Icicle Super Slim on the probe rigger down 60 and Lime Icicle Super Slim on deep rigger parked at 68 as well as inside braid diver on a 1 1/2 back 165 with a NK 28 Mt. Dew Spin Doc look alike on a white blade with a crushed ice glow cup as well as regular DW Purple Icicle on outside braid diver back 190. Only 2 'eyes and a ton of junk on port side divers w/ watermelon meat rigs.

Definitely a spoon bite today and they wanted it MOVING...

90% of hits were at 2.3 or better at the ball.

All the aforementioned rigs boated 'eyes, but the Purple Icicle definitely shined today.

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