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I only had my son this morning so, we went past Muskegon to WhiteHall.

We set up in 60' south of the channel and headed west (most of the boats where out at 100'). we took the first fish on the wire diver back 60' with the yellow tail Coyote and Sigs Mountain Dew fly. the next on came at 95' on a 250' copper rig with the NK purple spoon. a nice 15+ pound king.CRW_5638.jpg

The wire diver took two more rips with the fish getting off 1/2 up.(I pulled that rig to find the line had lodged in between the shanks and was running backwards). We got a nice Steelhead in 110' running along side a scum line on the wire diver back 120' with the same flasher fly combo. headed in at 10:00.

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we fished out of muskegon this morning as we always do & headed north for about a mile to clear the pack. picked up a 6 lb king on a 1/2 core with a green ladderback. about 51 fow. ran out a little deeper & found the scum line & the north nets & took a mixed bag of kings,coho,steelhead,& a big laker to boot. ended up 6 for 8 on a beautiful morning with just about everything working. only one butthead to contend with & i consider that fortunate this time of year. we marked a ton of fish in the 50 ft range but only one biter. 90 to 125 was our best depth this morning. i hope everyone else had as good a day or better.

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