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Out of White Lake 8/16

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Set lines at 5:15 a.m. in 50 FOW and didn't get a bump until the sun came up. Running 4 riggers and 2 dipseys. Started getting exciting when we hit the 110 FOW.

small king on dipsey set at 3, 130 back. Black hootchie mama with a purple no seeum fly

another small king on a slider with rigger set at 64' stinger NBK.

nice laker on a rigger set at 72', light green hootchie mama with a light blue and white fly, can't remember the name.

beautiful steelhead on a white hootchie mama with a home made NBK fly.

Finished the day 4/7. All of our fish were caught in 110 FOW. When it slowed a little we went out to 170 FOW. Marked a lot of fish in 140 FOW, 100 down but no takers. Probably should have stayed in the 110 - 120 area.

All in all a great day on the lake and a beautiful moonset and sunrise.


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kinda cool seeing the moon set & the sun come up. it was a perfect day for fishing today. we had newbies & nobody chummed & they all got to reel in fish. they remarked that this isn't like fishing in Kentucky. us locals take it for granted but we are truly blessed with the fishery we have. it's fun to take people from another part of the country & let them experience the fishing that we have here.

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