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Muskegon 8/8 pm and 8/9 am

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well this is how it went ,me and my family and my crew man mike and his family went up to fishermans landing for a little camping and prefishing for this weekend wmfl tourny and this is what we found

on friday nite after setting up camp and haveing dinner we decided to take mikes 2 boys out for a little sunset cruise ,we set lines in 50 fow a little north of the pack around 7:30 with 4 riggers 30 35 40 and 45 down 2 wire divers and 4 cores 5/7/ and 2 10 colers with moon shines and glow plugs and fish catchers and flys on 1 rigger and the divers we ended the nite at 10:00 and going 8 for 11 with 7 nice kings and 1 laker{this was for the boys so they cought all the fish and here is the catch



plumcrazy and adam met mike and myself at the ramp around 5 am and we where on the lake and setting line around 5:30 with the same exact spead as the nite before about 2 mile north of the peir and trolled to about 1 mile from duck lk.

we setup in 50 and went n.w. to 65 and had 5 fish in the box before we could get all 10 rods in and by 9:45 we where 13 for 18 with 12 very nice kings with the largest being close to 20 lbs and many in the 15 to 16 lbs range and 1 steelhead

we also never changed a single bait from the nite before and this is what they where

dbl white glow crush spin dr. and pickled sunshine fly 45 down on a rigger

moon shine danceing anchovey 35 down on a rigger

#4 green glo black ladder back j on a rigger 40 down

and a bloody nose moonshine 30 down on a rigger

blue bubble glow rig 125 out on a wire diver on 3

cant remember the other diver :confused:

7 coler with stinger nitro e.t

10 coler with a green glow lyman plug this was HOT

10 coler with a savent stop and go glow spoon also HOT

and last but not least 12 coler and a blue glow #4 j

and heres the pic. of the morning catch and crew


thanks to phil and adam for a nother GREAT TRIP:lol:

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