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We started today at about 5 am first time this year that everyone made it here on time. Went out to 70 ft to start and ended in 120. Put out a full core with a dw green ladderback j-plug and had a fish before the board even go to the side of the boat. We set mostly with j-plugs on two full cores and two 150 coppers. Ran two short high lines for steelies to no avail. Spoons and J's on the riggers. Had two hits on a purple with hot pink J on a rigger 45 down. One on a wire diver white slick spinny and lil boy blue back 110, one on a green spinny and seaweed fly 150 back. 8 on cores and coppers. ended with 10 kings. Lost two real nice kings in the riggers and a couple long line releases. The two lost in the riggers just full out charged the boat and then when they saw the lights on the back put the brakes on and tried to go sideways right into the riggers. One cut the cord on the j-pulg hooks when it hit the wire. all total i think we had sixteen on. I really need to start keeping a log. We were in at 12:30am.


Best water was 80 - 100 fow

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