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well it was kinda slow but not to bad

today sea mac ,fishin machine and my self set up in 80 and went s.w., today and found fish in the 120 to 140 range and was hopeing to get the plug bite going like it was on saterday but NOT A CHANCE /but, what was hot was a blue bubble meat rig on a wire diver on 2 out 250 and a liquid sun shine meat rig on a wire diver out 300 on 2

other stuff that took hits where most any moon shine on a rigger or 12 coler core i can't remember the name of them becouse most of those where sea-mac's also a lemon ice cicle d.w. on a 12 /dr. death d.w. 90 down on a rigger and a mi. blue berry on a rigger 80 down

we ended the day 6 for ? as we lost a lot of very nice fish for ho nose what reason

here todays catch


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Moonshines were Double Trouble, Bad Toad and the ever famous Flounder Pounder. Crazy thing about this trip... we had i'd say close to 20 pound king jumping 6 feet in the air at least 4 times right behind the boat 'not hooked' to anything...kinda saying "Here I am try and get me","Toodaloo dum dum's!".:D Was really something. Thanks for the trip Terry.:)

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