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Fished a 9 rod spread from 5:30 till 11:15.

All of our fish came in 75-90 FOW.

We ended up 8 for 9, with one Steelhead and 7 Kings.

Lost one on 5 color with a MS Agent Orange.

9 color with a MS Bloody Nose took the Steelhead and a King.

Rigger 85 down with a MS Flounder Pounder took one.

Braided dipsy set on 2, 125 back, with a NBK SD & SR Green Hypnotist fly took one.

Braided dipsy set on 2, 150 back, with a Mt. Dew glow blade SD & chartreuse glow fly??? took one.

200 copper with a #4 black splatter back glow plug took 3. Our biggest fish (17lbs.15oz.) came on this set up.

No pics of the fish w/ Sigg Riggs fly, as it was raining from 6:30 on.

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We were out on sunday from 7-11am; 3 for 3; steelie on MS Mag Flounder Pounder; small Coho on slider MS FP on same pole; 13lb king on dipsey @200' with white hoocie mama and white fly. Got blown off the lake around 11am; 3-5 footers came up quick.

"Hockey Puck"

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