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well i only had 1 other guy on the boat this morening and we set up in 80 fow south of the harbor near the doglas point and went on a southwest troll and went 7 for 9 by 8:15

all fish came in 100 to 110 on a north or south troll, and all but 2 where on a green glow/ black ladder back j-plug 75 down on a rigger or a double glow silver hoard on a 15 coler lead core

the only spoon was a mag beef eater d.w. ,65 down on the other rigger

and we never took a hit on flashers and flys

heres a pic of the catch, all big kings from 14 to 19 lbs


by the way all 6 fish had 6 to 11 alwives in the gut:D

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WTG Terry. I will be over at S.H. Wed eve threw sat eve. hope the fishing is picking up. We will be pursuing bolth silver fish and perch. and having a few cocktails while were at it. Im excited as this will be the first trip since June14the when we pulled the boat out. thanks for the report.

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