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steelhead trolling

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Well first of all you must be fishing where they are. Wheatley, ON is where we fish out of this time of year. Had our first trip last week and limited out. speed upper 2's to low 3's, last week for us it was 2.6-2.8. Standard size Stingers are good. Copper back spoons will often be best, although last week was a spread. Tangerine with a copper back is one of my favorites over there, also Rays Raz Dolphin with a copper back is a very good one to have. Silver back Watermelon has taken it's share as well. Lots of oranges and greens, but you definitely need to be running the standard size. Riggers aren't the best presentation usually. Dipsies work great and I just started running lead over there and 2 color took a few hits last week. Drop me a pm if you want more, I am more then glad to help.

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Fishing out of Erieau a couple of weeks ago and purple spoons (Stinger Happy Hooker and Supermuffin and Ole Petes Tackle blueberry muffin) was hot and then just after noon everything orange was the ticket. We ranged our speed about 2.3 mph or so. If you have fished Salmon there is really no difference for Steelies except I keep the spoons size to 3 1/4" - 3 3/4" and keep the lure depth a bit higher. I would start off with anything orange and then swap it out from there. Reports out of Wheatley have some guys with almost 30 hook ups a day going on right now.


Reel Nappy

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