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St.Clair fishing report

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We went fishing friday , saturday and sunday till noon. Friday we caught a few nice pike a few ok bass and right at dark my buddie reeled in a nice 40in muskie we saw lots of muskie and pike following that day. saturday we got out a little late around 9:30 fished for about 20 mins. and the buddie got a 47in to bite his white bull dog man what a awsome fish! I netted it we got it untangled got some pictures put her back started back fishing about half hour later all the boats on the lake started dissapering we started hearing thunder seeing lightning and headed for shore just in time to get soaked loading the boat up. about 3 hours later we got back on the lake fished untill dark. we saw many more fish that day but no takers. Sunday we fished untill noon dident see any at all . Cant wait to go back! My report is a little late due to my broken computer. Keep your hooks in the water...:cool:

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