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  1. I have a 9.9 kicker on the back of our hydra-sports with a panther mount. Have had the boat for 11 years and the only time that motor has come off is when i changed from the crappy OMC mount(LOTS OF PLAY) that came with the boat to the panther. No issues what so ever. But, everything is tight on mine and dont bounce, so im sure that has allot to do with it. I also have mine backed with 1/4" aluminum plate the same size as the Panther mount. Personally, i dont see a problem as long as things arent bouncing around. And if its bouncing going down the road, i guarantee its bouncing around out on the lake as well and something will break eventually.

  2. Buddy stopped over this afternoon...I think people can see the smoke plume when the salmon are in there...but anyhow, he ran over to Ludington to get his boat trailer because he had some work to do on it and stopped in to the loomis cleaning station and he said guys had 3-5 big kings in there and that they were getting them at the harbor mouth. So, theres definitely a few around there.

  3. I wouldnt say they are smaller. They fit fantastic and give a great field of view.

    Adam Bomb.....Costa's will fix em if your fault for 12 bucks or if it's there fault for free for life... Atleaset that is what I remember reading.

    Yep...if they have the parts. I had mine for many years and that model was discontinued and there were not parts available...so i was told.:rolleyes:

  4. Can any one tell me if you can fit 250 copper on a daiwa sealine 47H ?

    I'm thinking a penn 209 and 210 is too small also. Just have extra's sitting around and would like to add copper to my line up.



    With 200 yds of 40# Power Pro you can get on a 200' 32# Blood Run Copper on that reel.

  5. Just sitting around here bored tonight wishing i was on the west side after the fun weekend we had.

    I know everyone is all hyped up on glow spoons and for good reason, but once it gets light out, whats your favorite(s) non glow spoon for kings? Always interesting to see the responses.

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