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  1. Looking forward to seeing your new toy.

  2. Sounds good Tommy...Any pics of the new boat yet

  3. Would love to head over Matt. Weather makes it hard to. Looks like the whole weekend is gonna be a blow out. Staying home....guess ill scout geese.

  4. I have the same # Matt. Its 989 737-0899

  5. Hey Frank. No they didnt make it up there. Ended up going outta Linwood. Ended up NE of the Black Hole and got into em pretty good. Sorry for the late response. Working down in Warren again this week. REALLY busy. Thanks again for the info, much appreciated. Hope i can fire some back your way some time.

  6. Hey Nels, whats up

  7. Probably soon to get it cleaned up and ready to go. Then turkey season will be here and we'll be after those pretty steady. Then off to chase walleye until end of June. Ill probably make a trip here and there your way, but itll be with my buddy Jay.(Salmon Slut)

  8. I thought you asked about a Ludington Report the other day. This is from the 16th, but it certainly sounds promising. Hope youve been out smacking fish.


  9. LOL...Oh, i forgot about the line. Ive always used 8# berkley XL, but in the last couple years ive been going more and more to 8# power pro with a fluorocarbon leader. Only drawback is that Power Pro ices up pretty good sitting outside. But the feel is really good which is why i really like it so i put up with it. I dont fish in a shanty too often.

  10. Northland Fire Eye Jigs 1/8-3/8 oz., Northland Fireball Jigs 1/16-3/8 oz., Northland Buckshot Rattle Spoons 1/8-5/16 oz, #1 Do Jiggers, Lindy Flyers 1/4 oz, Little Cleos1/4 and 1/3 oz, Bass Pro Shops Flashy Times Spoons 1/8 oz are all baits i use throughout the season. Pick up some stinger hooks for your jigs too, they pay big dividends some days.

  11. Thats fine Matt. Be sure to bring your machines along as theres a good chance that we'll have to do some moving around to get on the fish.

  12. You bet. When the ice gets good and we can get out ill give you a jingle. Do you have a four wheeler or a snowmobile?

  13. You talkin this winter Matt?

  14. LOL...I sure did Matt. Called the wrong Matt though. Was calling a friend to see how he did duck hunting. Later on when i hadnt heard from him i went through my recent calls and was like whoops...LMAO

  15. I bet theres some skim ice this morning Jason!!! Was gonna go duck hunting, but there was no wind at all when i got up. They probably still moved pretty well, but that bed fealt pretty good today....We'll chase em again this afternoon....I already had to break ice a couple times this year when we had the cold snap in Oct. Good thing for the warm up or itd put a kibash on my huntin'!!!...Mid January will be here soon enough!

  16. OK...Is that a 231 area code?

    I might go over a couple more times. If i do itll be with my buddy Jay and we'll likely be outta Manistee. I do allot of duck hunting, so Oct and November are pretty booked up. Toss in deer and you get absolutely no sleep...lol

  17. OK, is that the boat you normally fish out of? Will be helpful now that i know what to look for. Should just exchange numbers, would make things easier that way. Dont know if ill make it back or not this year, but heres my cell anyhow. Shoulda did this a long time ago....lol

    My Cell is 989-737-0899

  18. Thanks for the info Matt. Ended up fishing the Lincoln river and took some fish in there in 45' and then our best action was in the 05-07's north of the point. Ended up 2 for 4, 5 for 9, 7 for 9, 4 for 5 and 6 for 8. 2,3,5,7,9,10 lead core riggers 30-50 down with mostly spoons and a few plugs. Speed of 2.2-2.4.

    Does your grandpa have a tan/brown chevy, with a truck camper and a red and white rinker? saw a boat named Bob A-Long in the lot with an elderly gent sitting in it. Looked like he was alone. He was checking the lake out with binos. Saw his truck and trailer another day, and he was out fishing. Thanks again for the info.

  19. Looks like we're gonna come over on Saturday night or Sunday and fish till Monday or Tuesday. Ill try you on the VHF as well.

  20. Hey Matt, our boat name is AJ. Decals right on the side, you cant miss it. From a distance we look allot like the sherrif boat on this side of the state. Ive been told that more than once...lol....Anyhow, its a 21' Hydra-Sports with a 2 stroke 150 Johnson and a 9.9 4 stroke kicker. I normally monitor 68 over there, but not knowing anyone we rarely talk on it. I ran into a guy last week that i know from our side of the state and we went on 69 to talk to avoid getting cut off during conversations. Other than that, it dont matter to me what channel we go to.

    I just hope im over there. We were supposed to come over yesterday, but the weather has us a bit reluctant. Wind forcast dont look pretty for the rest of the week. So, im not sure if ill be over unless the forcast looks more favorable. Right now its supposed to be SW winds and 4-7' waves on Thursday and 30 knot NW winds Friday w/4-7' waves forcasted. Things are gonna change with that wind and itll be one rough S.O.B.!!!

  21. Yup, i sure am.

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