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  1. Personally I would take the dimensions of the trax tech length and width and get some aluminum same size maybe 1/4 thick then lay trax tech on top mark the holes onto the aluminum  and drill this is your backing plat under the gunnels make sure you use flat head bolts to fit flush into hole use the nuts with nylon to stay secure w/ washers and make sure length is sufficient.     Big Jon also has something on line about their product, similar to trax tech 

    Good Luck

    Flasher Joe

  2. By now too many Illinois fishermen / boaters have found out that the $ 18.00 license plate fee has increased over 500% to 151.00 and your tag for car and p/u truck also increased $ 50.00  voter and no votes have consequences, the trust fund baby elected to the office of governor, PRITZKER has no idea what the average family goes through to make ends meet because he's worth millions, especially now when many have been out of work due to this Covid virus and he really doesn't care. Remember there isn't a Democrat in Springfield that found a tax they didn't like especially the socialist elected from Chicago, Pritzker should be a one (1) term governor but if re-elected then why not charge 3 times more for trailer  or vehicle registration and why not when people are demonstrating  they enjoy being abused by the elected officials they put in office

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