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  1. Mike,

    I would be happy to write for the magazine from the perspective of a person new to big lake fishing. This will the summer of my steep learning curve. It might encourage growth in the sport (and buyers for the sponsors products).

    Let me know if there is anything I can do to assist with this project.

  2. I have read the multidude of great stuff on this site regarding dipseys, leader lengths, line diameter etc, but have not heard any comments on the role of color in dipsey selection. Would you apply similar color selection criteria to the dipsey as to the spoon or fly? Was there any especially hot color in 07?


  3. Welcome aboard Bruce,

    I got started late last year and this site is incredibly helpful. With all of the technical and practical knowledge gleaned from this site in the last year I am excited to get out this spring! Many questions we newbys have are answered in old posts. Please be sure to use the search engine. Everyone on the site is friendly and helpful, so don't be shy about asking questions.

  4. I would prefer a toggle switch to turn on and off the light. There would have to be a clearly marked on/off in raised ink on the rigger. I think that long term the toggles are more trouble free than the push buttons. The LED is an interesting idea, but invariably the battery would always go out when you have the president of the company on board for the first time.

  5. I purchased a new 16 1/2 foot Lund in 2007. It has a 91 inch beam and is very stable for a boat its size. It is a bit too small for the big lake but is an absolute perfect all around boat. I especially like the trak system that obviates the need to do any hole drilling to mount rod holders and riggers.

    I can't wait until Spring. I spent the last six months equipping the boat with rod holders, spoons, flies, dipseys, radio, color fish finder etc, and now look forward to catching some fish!

  6. I have no patience with the most intelligent species on the planet who fail to understand vicious animals cannot be controlled. In my childhood neighborhood a little girls was torn to bits by a dog whose owners thought it cool to have a mean animal. Please press charges. People must be taught the lesson that these animals are not trustworthy pets.

    I am hugging my english setter when I get home from work tonight.


  7. Frank,

    I also just finished Keating's book and am very excited about putting the information to use next Spring. I just purchased a couple of 8" spin doctors and am looking forward to using them in my spread. So the luhr jensens only work at slow speeds apparently. How about the spin doctors?

    One of the other interesting things in the book was the division of lures efficacy by color AND depth. I would be interested in people placing their favorites from last year in categories of depths. So, tangerine stinger at 30 and less, blue bubble spin doctor with a siggs rigs oceana from 30-60, etc.

    Tight lines to all

  8. Hi guys,

    I am preparing to purchase some rod holders. I need a pair for each side of the boat. I will be running divers and boards off of them. Big jon has heavy duty and apparently a lighter duty version of the pair of holders. I also like bert's. What are your thoughts? As much money as there is to spend in this sport, I want to make good decisions as I outfit this boat.

    Tight lines to all

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