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  1. Great question. This is my first experience fishing in the busy season too, so I am interested in reading the responses. I figured everything on riggers or on planers close to the boat. Leads probably need to be short as well, but I am just guessing.


  2. You guys have to try this. heat butter until it separates with the white stuff on top. Scoop that off and throw away. Take this clarified butter and baste it on a whole filet with skin on. Put on grill with skin side down. Let the grill take its time to cook the fish. Baste a couple of times as it cooks. The last time you open the grill, crumble a light covering of brown sugar over the fish. Remove the fish from the grill when the brown sugar has melted. Don't over baste the fish with butter because it will run off and flame up.

    Let me know how you like it.

  3. Good job. Thanks for the report on the nets.

    We set lines by 6 am in 80 fow on Friday the 4th. We got 4 for 4 with three coming on the rigger with the echip flasher. One 3-4 year old king, and one 6 pound king came on the echip and green fireball. The large king came 42 feet down in 100 fow. The smaller one was 60 feet down in 120. We also got a large laker on the echip and a green hypnotist 45 feet down in 135. The only other fish was a shaker on 5 colors with a 4 oz dive bomb in 135.

    We were tied up for more than a half hour when a holiday fisherman's wife decided she could drive 60 feet across our stern. Despite my attempts to wave them off, she thought it would be ok. Of course we watched other boats bringing in fish as we worked to untangle 2 half cores from their dipsey. I was kind, but briefly attempted to educate them to the lengths of lead core.


  4. Caz, I left a couple of hours later. If I had heard that warning on my marine radio I would have stayed home too. We set lines in Muskegon before six. Took a lake trout early on 10 colors in 80fow on Stinger area 51. Later we took a king 42 ft down in 110 on a wolverine double orange crush. About 10 teh finder was full of fish in 120-125. Everybody commented on it on the radio, and none of us could get a bite.

    4 Trips

    3 Kings

    2 Steelhead

    3 lakers

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