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  1. Welcome aboard Flyman. Years ago I fished for the perch a few times out of Saugutuck and South Haven. I look forward to hearing your updates as the spring and summer progress. You will love this site. It's great that we can learn from each other!

  2. That is also my wife's favorite :-( My second TV will be tuned in to the deadliest catch. I agree with Joe, it looks attractive for a young man. I'm kind of glad I didn't know about the opportunity when I was young (dumb) enough to do it.

  3. Hi Kevin,

    I started last year in a 16.5 Lund and averaged 3 fish a trip with only 6 lines out. The guys with the bigger boats do much better. The advice on this website has been INVALUABLE so check out the previous threads by using the search tool. I fish out of Muskegon and never go too far out. I also have 2 manual riggers. Most of my fish came off of 5 colors of lead core off of big planer boards but caught fish on divers, riggers and lead core. What baits are you using?

  4. Welcome aboard Chris. I grew up fishing on the Mississippi and then fished Michigan rivers and inland lakes before starting to chase the salmon addictively last year. It is a hoot! You will receive tons of good informaion from this site. Good Luck with the Cohos. They should be hot soon down south.

  5. Welcome Gene. You are correct in your assessment that this is a great site with lots of info. I also fish out of a small boat. Last year was my first full year salmon fishing on the Great Lakes. With all of the help from this site, it turned out to be a very successful one.

    Ask any questions you have about salmon fishing. You will be suprised by how many experienced fisherman will answer you.

  6. My best spoon this year by far was the Nitro Area 51. It took fish at various levels throughout the season. Another favorite was the stinger killer that looked a lot like Mikes killer dolphin but was blue and yellow. I haven't found the name of it. It was one given out at the Stinger tournament.

  7. Thanks Frank,

    I will definately try that. I have a lot of salmon from this summer and wondering what I can do with it all. I love soup and stews. Usually I make a couple batches of whitefish stew in the winter so I hope to get a couple of good salmon stew recipes.

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