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  1. What a great day. I thought we had it pretty good Saturday, but it has been on fire the last 2 days. If this holds it might be worth another trip down this weekend.
  2. It was 48 at the surface and 45 at the ball. With the wind out of the east Saturday afternoon I'm sure it probably pushed the warmer water around
  3. Fished Saturday morning. 4/5 in 70-90 ft water. 1 19.5lb King, 2 12lb Kings and 1 Laker. Lost the 5th a King at the back of the boat. Carmel dolphin, meat, and a orange/blue/green spoon took the hits. 30-40 feet down was the depth. Speed 2.5-2.7 at the ball
  4. Fished St Joe after work from 5-9 Fished north and south of the Pier from 25-75ft. Marked lots of fish north of the Pier but very to the South. Only hit came north of the Pier. 1/1 orange hot n tot on a high line in 35 ft.
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