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  1. Fished Holland 530-1100PM 1/1 15lb Laker 300 copper Red and green spoon 105ft 1/112 lb Laker green Spin n glow bouncing bottom 100ft 1/1 12lb King SWR downrigger set @40 green and blue spoon 80ft water 2.2 speed at the ball. Fished from tunnel park to the pier head
  2. Fished 530-1100 1/3 1 12lb King 300 copper 135ft water on red and green spoon 0/1 King 6 color 140ft 135ft on blue dolphin 0/1 8 color 135ft water on green jeans 2.2-2.5 mph at the ball. Fished north of the pier. Didn't mark any bait but did mark a decent number of fish. Lots of guys fishing the Holland offshore but most didn't stay around to long.
  3. Thanks for the info. You had the entire water column covered. It definitely gives some hope for the next month in Western Michigan.
  4. Hopefully the Kings are moving back over from across the lake! Did you have a clean temp break in that water?
  5. I had the same fishing Friday night in Port Sheldon . We did better this morning in Muskegon but Friday night was rough.
  6. Fished Muskegon 5-10AM 4/4 5lb, 8lb, 10lb,12lb all Kings. 100ft water was best. 225 copper went twice 300 copper went once and 7 color went once. Blue and glow seemed to be the tickets.
  7. The weeds are not to bad yet. You do want to watch for logs on the way out. The lake was great 1 ft waves.
  8. 0/0 FishedPort Sheldon from 5-1030 PM 110-150 ft water. Tried everything but the kitchen sink and couldn't get anything to go. Marked fish across that range but no bait.
  9. What a great day. I thought we had it pretty good Saturday, but it has been on fire the last 2 days. If this holds it might be worth another trip down this weekend.
  10. It was 48 at the surface and 45 at the ball. With the wind out of the east Saturday afternoon I'm sure it probably pushed the warmer water around
  11. Fished Saturday morning. 4/5 in 70-90 ft water. 1 19.5lb King, 2 12lb Kings and 1 Laker. Lost the 5th a King at the back of the boat. Carmel dolphin, meat, and a orange/blue/green spoon took the hits. 30-40 feet down was the depth. Speed 2.5-2.7 at the ball
  12. Fished St Joe after work from 5-9 Fished north and south of the Pier from 25-75ft. Marked lots of fish north of the Pier but very to the South. Only hit came north of the Pier. 1/1 orange hot n tot on a high line in 35 ft.
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