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  1. Fished out of holland on a solo trip started in 280 fished to 210 and back to 280  went 4 for 7 with 2 coho 1 laker 1 dink king that i released  also lost a nice steelhead . What worked , diver back 125 with a dragon slayer spinnie with a pickle sunshine fly , green dolphin on a rigger down 50 , a flounder pounder 55 down on rigger . 

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  2. ran down to the point in Saugatuck made 3 passes south of the point only picking up 3 cohos, so decided to fish my back to Holland zig zagging 30 fow to 20 fow ended the night 11 for 13 with 3 throw back kings one king around 8 lbs ( caught in 20 fow) a 5 lb laker the rest cohos . Gold and copper backed spoons , gold and red thin fin,and red with black thin fins all took fish, took 2 coho on a white slick 8" pro troll with an oceana fly . Beautiful evening with great buddys .

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  3. Sparky I'm sorry I didn't mean to bash you and I said you are required to monitor tourney control not that you are required to have a marine radio to fish tourneys and you can say what you want its a basic safety piece of equipment to have on your boat . but enough said on that issue that Saturday was a total mess and its a bummer that some didn't get to weigh in there fish I'm sure if the wmfl is going to happen again next year some more rules should be established . again sorry if you feel bashed that was not my intent I don't even fish those events. Jimbobber

  4. Sparky 30 every tourney on the lake requires you to be able to monitor tourney control ,when you run to another port YOU are responsible to monitor tourney control. another thing is you really should have a marine radio on board anyways if you are on lake Michigan there's lots of dead spots out there for cell reception just a smart thing to have. JIMBOBBER

  5. 27 sea ray amberjack with twin 350's 5 hr fishing trip $100 I had a 20 footer before that had a 305 in it that took around $80 per trip ( Marina Gas in both ) the 27 is a lot more comfortable and a lot more room to fight fish the extra $20 is worth it.

  6. Well had the pleasure of Dirty dog fishing with me on the JimBobber last night and a couple of other good buddys out of Holland . We started north of the harbor in 85 fow and trolled north and picked up 4 coho on meat rigs on diver and plugs on 300 copper ,turned to the south and as we got about straight out of Holland started to take hits from kings, mostly on plugs had two break off on rigger down 60 with green glow black ladder back j plugs :( picked away at em til dark and ended 8 for 14ish??? what worked ;

    green glow black ladder back j plug on rigger down 60

    blue glow black ladder back on diver back 200

    white slick spin doctor pickle sunshine flie on 300 copper

    meat rig on low diver cant remember the set up tho.

    and I think we also took hits on a wonder bread plug .

    worked 90 to 105 fow mostly on a south troll.

    thanks to Terry for riding along last night it was a blast. :thumb:

  7. Bob , don't know if you got your answer about the terminating end of the wire , the knot I use is simple create a loop with the wire put that thru the eye of the swivel then over the swivel tighten that up, then above the swivel tie two overhand knots and tighten , I also put a beed above the swivel when your done fishing close the swivel and reel against the beed til tight .hope this helps jimbobber

  8. just want to thanks to all who signed up for the all species fund raiser tourney last sat. we raised over $300 to put towards the tribal negotiation legal fund . A box of 5 sheep head almost won the tourney it weighed 44.44 lbs but a box of salmon 45 plus beat it out , it was kinda fun to weigh in trash fish to. If you still would like to make a donation go to www.hollandsteelheaders.org and just click on the sign up button and sign up like your doing the tourney and put in a dollor amount in the entrie fee line and check out. again thanks to all. jimbobber Holland steelheaders web master

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