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  1. Blake, I used to get my blanks painted by Lakeland tackle in minisota when I tried to paint my own blanks I could not get the paint to stick to the silver plating , they had some secret coating to allow the paint to stick. My air brush had a few different tips I used them for finer or broader painting,i got my paint from a taxidermist supply web site,

    I got my stickers from witch craft tape. hope this helps you another guy to ask is larry from big lake lures he paints his own stuff I think he is lure maker on the web site. best of luck jimmy

  2. Jeff go to 180 -220 north of holland they were there today we went 6 for 8 all steel top 45 fow 3.7 to 4.0 on the gps for speed. good luck. jimmy

  3. i have a buddie going out tomarow morning i will let you know what he does . i would use spoons mostly ,small ones will be best , you basicly fish like you would in the spring.The lake has turned over but i think the 4 yr olds are all in the river by now so i would not waste your time fishing for them.fish for steelies ,small kings and browns.hope this helps i will pm you tomarow with a report from wild at heart. jimmy

  4. Hey Jeff, I havent heard from you in a while things ok? Are you fishing much? Would you like to go with me some time?If so call me again I lost your number. Jimmy

  5. Ryan did you get my pm about the new slammers? Jimmy

  6. Hey Jeff , call me at 1-616-240-7017 this is my cell number you can come and get the videos any time. jimmy

  7. hey mike were is your boat?How did you do up north last week?

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