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  1. Due to the declining fish population, have you had any trouble fishing?

    When you said that you could count the rocks on the bottom, you meant that the water was clearer, right? If so, I read a little bit about it and found that the clearer water isn't very good for the ecosystem, because the mussels have been filtering the water and lowering the numbers of the organisms at the base of the food chain. Could you give me you thoughts on that? Were you talking about the river or the lake? 

    Do you have any thoughts or knowledge of micro plastics in the lake?

    Any information you could give me would be great!

  2. First of all, thanks a lot for responding. I just have a few more questions I want to ask you. You said that other variables are affecting the fish and shore birds, could you tell me what you think some of those variables are? What sorts of garbage/pollution are you finding? Thanks again for you help.

  3.      Hi,

           I'm a student who is doing research on the plastic pollution of Lake Michigan and how it affects the wildlife. I am looking for someone who can give their recent experience fishing in Lake Michigan. It would be extremely helpful if you could tell me about any increase or decrease of fish that you catch, as well as your thoughts on the plastic pollution in Lake Michigan and if you think it is affecting the local wildlife. Thanks for all your help!

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