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  1. Tim we have been fishing a little S. I know people doing well right out front also. There is a lot of fish in the system.:)

  2. I knew you'd like the Toughbook Chartplotter. It's a good time to familiarize yourself with it. Just give me a call if you have any questions. Thanks again

  3. Scott, A warm :welcome: to the GLF site. If you get a chance go to the welcome center and introduce yourself.


    There are some good people that hang here. Just holler if you need any help. :)

  4. Steve, RIP my friend and tight lines forever.

  5. John, I'll get a hold of Chad about your misdirected Facebook posts.

  6. Paul, I haven't been out yet. I'll probably do a shakedown next week. It's early yet and once I get rolling it will be game on all Summer. I didn't start last year until the first week in June. We have had a lot of good years. It's cold out there when you're surrounded by water in the 40s. I feel better and work safer when the water temps are a touch higher. I just put 20 doz crawlers in the refrigerator.:)

  7. Eric, If you ever get the itch to fish Saginaw Bay give me a shout. I fish it a few times a week during the warm weather. Jun is by far the best month. Frank

  8. Tom, If you ever get the itch to fish Saginaw Bay for walleye give me a shout. I try and get out 3-4 times a week mid May through July or August depending on temps. I fish mostly out of Au Gres. Limit trips have been common for the last several years.

  9. Joel, I haven't fished in over a week. 26-29 FOW is where I'd start. I run bouncers and harnesses.

  10. Todd, Check out this tutorial. I hope it helps. Frank


  11. Captain, It good to have you here.


  12. Welcome aboard Steve.

  13. Eric, Thanks for your help. I know the calculator has helped many. Frank

  14. Bob, Congrats on the Benzie win.

  15. Tim, It's good to have you here at GLF. Feel free to call me if you need any help.

  16. Brian, I seldom fish weekends unless the weather or other factors change my program. I haven't been out yet this year due to a shoulder injury. I may get out a couple of times this coming week. I live about 8 miles N. of AuGres. I'm scheduled for surgery on the 17th and it will probably shut down my Summer fishing. Good Luck out there. Frank

  17. Howdy Tom, I hope we get to meet sometime. Maybe I'll see or hear from you on the bay.

  18. Welcome aboard. Let us know if you need any help.

  19. Tom, Happy New Year my friend.

  20. Welcome to the GLF site. From one old guy to another.

  21. Kraken, Welcome aboard. Just holler if ya need any help.

  22. Ed, A warm welcome to the GLF site. Holler if you need anything.

  23. A warm welcome to the GLF site. Holler if you need any help.

  24. A warm welcome to you 621. I see you are from the Saginaw area. I fish the Saginaw Bay and live between AuGres and Tawas. I was born in Saginaw and used to live in St Charles.

  25. Adam, Did your dad fish AuGres this weekend?? Just wondering how he did.

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