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  1. Well, haven't been out in a couple of weeks. Work! Talked wife into going out this morning. Offshore breeze this morning 6:00am. Went out to 140 north of pier. Set up 6:45. 6 color orange crush spoon 10 color other side with glow blue knight.  Braided dipsey set at 3 150' out and other side dipsey at 3 120' out. 150 had krytonite salmon candy flasher/ novacaine fly other had mongolian beef rv spoon.  Ran two down riggers one at 35ft green dolphin other with 2 color swr with down 45' so around 55' with blue dolphin spoon.  
    Went on north west troll out to 170ft. Hardly marked a fish. 6 color went off on turn small fish came off after a few minute fight. Secret weapon rod went off on north east troll in 160' bounce bounce off. Other downrigger bounced funny no release didn't check for a few minutes and snapped it up and 1-2lb shaker king on. It swallowed hook and wouldn't make it. Threw it in box. Trolled into 135' hardly marking a fish. Turned boat back out. Waves picked up with still off shore breeze in 1-2 foot Chop. Changed a bunch of stuff out trying different colors and combinations.  No takers. Came in at 10:30am.
    Not a great outing. Saw a few boats out further. If anyone has any suggestions,  please share. I am going out tomorrow again. Should I try deeper? 190-220 ft? Colors or combos that are working for you. 
    Thanks for your input. Much appreciated. 

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  2. 2 for 2


    Ran down to the mud again in saugatuck, temp was 61 degrees in mud, 51 degrees out of it. Marked a fair amount of bait and fish, but couldn’t get any to go. Pulled rods, ran out to 140 and caught a coho on 2 color Yeager bomb UV spoon and a 10 lb king down 50 on a rigger on a white paddle/pickled sunshine fly in 130 ft of water. Not many marks out there.



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  3. Fished from sun up at South Haven. Trolled from 30 out to 100. Lots of boats in 100, nobody talking. Skunked. Could use some intel. 
    thought the buoy north of SH was weather buoy. Didn’t give it a thought till I lost a spoon and copper in what was likely a net. Dunce. 

    Run up to saugatuck and fish the mud

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  4. 9 for 10, 5 kings, 2 coho, 1 steelie, 1 brown


    Ran down to saugatuck and fished the mud, 30-50 ft of water


    100 copper went three times with Ryan’s flounder pounder, 2 kings, one steelie


    2 color twice with UV Yeager bomb, one king one coho


    5 color went twice with hot lips, one king one coho


    Slide diver back 70 with hot lips, king


    Dipsey back 70 with UV Blue veggies, brown trout.


    Threw the steelie back. IMG_3101.JPG





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  5. 10 for 20 something. All coho, had a rookie who couldn’t land a fish to start. Hit fish from the pier heads to 3 miles south 35-45 ft of water.


    All but 5 fish were on high lines 60 ft back with red/black thinfin


    3 fish on 50 copper, crabface spoon


    2 fish 2 color, small dodger/flyIMG_0244.JPGIMG_0244.JPG



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  6. Went 10/10, all coho. All fish came between 35-45 ft approximately 3 miles south of the pier heads


    2 hits on 2 color crabface moonshine spoon


    3 hits 50 copper small pearl dodger/green peanut fly


    3 hits rigger down 17 jordo spoon


    2 hits rigger down 12, raspberry carbon spoon


    Lots of boats in tight, tried for 45 minutes or so, no hits, didn’t see any nets drop or anyone fighting fish.





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  7. 5 for 5, 3 kings, 1 laker and a steelie. Fished 1-2 miles north, all fish came in 120-150


    2 kings on rigger down 69 with blue flounder pounder


    1 king on high diver back 120 with blue veggies


    Laker on wire diver back 140, meat rig


    Steelie on 7 color orange and black moonshine spoon


    Biggest king 28 lbsIMG_2568.JPG



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  8. Started in tight in the mud with about 50 other boats, fished it for 1.5 hours, plenty of bait, water temp was 51 degrees, 0 rips didn’t see any other boat fighting a fish or any nets drop. Pulled lines, ran out to 130, put it on a west troll. Finally hit a nice king in 200 ft of water 200 ft back on a mag dipsey set at 1 with a white paddle/pickled sunshine fly. Caught a coho on a 2 color, Craig’s flounder, lost a king on a rigger down 90 with a blue flounder pounder, lost a coho on same 2 color, lost another king on a rigger down 120, Rv blue flounder pounder. Not a great day percentage wise, wish we would have started in 200



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  9. Pretty slow this am, started just north in 70, trolled out to 120 and back to 70 without a rip. Put it on a west troll and hit a small king in 165, then a 10lb king in 185 and lost another in 190ish. We took one fish on a 7 color with hot lips moonshine spoon, another on white paddle with green mirage spinny on 300 copper and lost one on a froggy meat rig set back 125 on a braid diver. Didn’t mark many fish or bait.

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