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  1. Are you guys garage geeks like me, creating your own baits ? I love making my own baits in the garage. Experimenting with skirt colors, blade combos, trailer variations, Take a look at what I do to have success with jig fishing, maybe you can incorporate some of this info into YOUR jig game  


  2. In the final part of this series I was about ready to call it a day but decided to try one more shoreline near the ramp. The bass had finally moved into the backwaters and I ran into a ton of em chasing baitfish and my spinnerbait. Hang out and watch a great finish to a day of Lake Erie Bass Fishing  


  3. Part 2 of this series, found em on a main lake rocky shoreline staging before they head into the backwaters, baitfish around, birds diving and a ton of hungry bass, caught em on chatters, spinnerbaits and squarebills, come along for an awesome day of fall fishing on LAKE ERIE  


  4. In part 1 of this series I had to locate staging bass during the fall transition, were they in the backs of creeks and marinas ?, main lake ?, the in betweens ?, once I found em the fishing was fantastic ! Ride along to see how the day went   


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