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  1. Nice to meet you to. Fished inside in 90 FOW pretty much all day. 6 trout biggest was a 21.08 on standard trout tackle. (as seen in photo of sister holding her catch) slow day.
  2. Where is the boat located, and how was the maintenance on the more?
  3. I aswell lost a offshore board with a flag out of holland out in about 95 fow a king hit it and the board just came off (rookie setting it) but I can dm you the phone number if it matches let me know
  4. Holland 4-23 AM AND WE ARE OFF! Shake down trip of the year this morning. (Better late then never). And was it productive. 9-13 all coho. Left ramp at 6:15, went and pitched a tent and called it home in 200 straight out and turned north with nothing to show after 30 minutes went south and action began. 3c with thin fin orange and black went first landed, 5c with red and gold (this was the hottest going 6 times only lost one on it), a wire diver with UV paddle and hypnosis fly went only once 180 back, wire diver again with rainbow trout thin fin this being 90 other 5c with brown trout thin fin, downrigger with chrome chartreuse thin fin went 25 down. Then only one spoon bite and that was on a 12 color Iced lemon spoon. But there defiantly was a pattern to today! -Tight lines
  5. YouTube and Instagram Hey guys started a page on Instagram and a YouTube channel under the name of Fin_Mafia. Consist of the slippery salmon crew (Aaron,Josh,Mitchell, and myself). All geared toward fishing Michigan. If you would want to check it out here's the links to both -tight lines YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYQmAXh17_3JaD18E9DhWjg Instagram -https://instagram.com/p/BRy8D5FDFli/
  6. Yea once we got out we kinda looked at each other and came to the consensus we enjoy this sport to much. Haha
  7. Well, me and the crew took off out of holland in search of some coho yesterday morning. Very cold and icy. Ran out to 200fow and set up marked nothing all day did end 0-3 though had a downrigger release 40 feet down with orange chilly willy, a 150 cu with modified carmel dolphin got ripped, and as well as a 100 cu with double orange crush. Bumpy and cold wrapped things up around 11:00 and came back in.
  8. A friend of mine went out of holland today out to 250 took a king about #15 a coho about 4# and 2 steelhead roughly 8# each it's getting to be that time very excited. -Tight Lines
  9. Hey I'm back Hey guys I'm back after quite a hiatus. I'm ready for a 2017 season hope you all are ready to it's been a long winter. Tight lines!
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