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  1. kicker bracket/motor

    I've got a garelick  bracket w/ a15hp mariner( 2stroke) on it, i'm worried about the miles i'm going to be putting on a little over 200mi. round trip 3weekends a month. I think the motor weighs 75/85 lbs , the bracket can handle up to 112 lbs. I've got a backing plate an fender washers on the insde. do I need to remove the kicker  when i'm going on a long haul. if it were hooked on to the tramson I wouldn't be so worried.

    thank you,      tight lines n screaming drags to all

  2. More Milwaukee HO'S

    Got to the launch @ 4:30, for once the forecast was spot on SSW 16 TO 20mph.waited around till 7am wind laid down decided to give it a shot. headed out to 125'  to set up,3' swells when we got there so we started to set lines .pp dispys @ 55'&70' mono's @ 20' &30'. the 55 went off as I was setting the 70 (got it) by 9am  we had 6 in the box missing 3 more,with only 4rods in the water. trolled out to 175' shouldn't have.  the best action was between 125'-140' .did pick up 3more on way back to 135' also missed 2 . once we got to 135' action was HOT. mono dd @ 20'  went off, hooked nx 6 fish  only landed 3. brought all my gear up:pp's @ 30'&40' mono's 15'&20' hooked 5 landed 2. called it a day as trolling motor was out of juice.14 of 25.so landing ratio sucked, I think because it was bumpy, I say that because they seem to come unbutton well away from the boat.   white/pearl (1 1/2") flies(home made) were the hot ticket .I shorten the leader 18" on some chin flies:1red/gold,1pearl,an they took fish as well. same fish we were catching a week ago(3-5lbs) are now 5-7lbs beauty's.  i did try some spoons but zero action. get out an enjoy this gr8 fishing. safety to all

  3. milwaukee HO'S

    WOW  this place is TIRE FIRE hot!!!  If you are into salmon fishing stop whatever your doing grab ur gear, some friends/kids/guy fishing breakwall  go to 120 fow set gear troll to180 fow . some zig-zag,or bumps in speed seem to trigger 'em.flat lines to 5color all took fish .we tried copper(150,200) 7color no fish.  riggers 40 fow 70 fow were good ,wdispys fair,mono dispy we couldn't keep in the water. peanuts on dispys,flats,leadcore.king flies on riggers. color pearl,white,martini,blue/blacks. don't know exact # on sets because CAPT. NATHAN KAMINSKI did everything for us. This guy is dialed in if ur boats down (me) or ur new to fishing he can help you out.  be safe

  4. milwaukee coho

    sat 5/27/17 : started in 130fow headed east. first fish 5min after we got set up. rigger 30'down (hot rod caught 5)2" lbb .next to go off were two outside boards(same time) spoons, green/pink, orange/white standard size. stayed busy  for the next hour an half, got our 10 call it a day. fish were between 140fow &160fow. the program was boards n spoons, riggers w/ff. everything caught fish but that rigger was HOT.10 OF11 on the coho all 3to5lbs. stomach contents 3-7"alewifes. going to try some larger spoons nx time. great day to be out, even better to go home w/ a limit. really have to love this time of year.     safety to all.  TAIMEN

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