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  1. Fished Muskegon 06:45-11:45am.  10 for 15.  6 Kings, 3 coho, and 1 steelhead.  Fishing with my 9 year old son and other family that were newbies so couldn't keep track of everything, but 70-90fow was best and 35-55 feet down.  Had our hands full with 3 doubles.

    3 for 6 Kings (15-18lbs)- braid high diver set on 3 140 back with green and white e-chip flasher and greenigsh meat rig. 

    1 King (22.5 lbs)- 225 cu with silver SD with glow meat rig

    1 King (14 lbs)- 150 cu with silver horde glow green ladder back plug

    1 King (13lbs)- braid high diver set on 3 90 back with silver horder glow plug with black ladder back

    lost 2 big kings on 200cu with magnum moonshine flounder pounder

    1 steelhead (10lbsish)- 65 down on rigger with spotted dick meat rig

    1 coho- 70 down on spotted dick meat rig

    1 coho- 70 down on glow plug

    1 coho- 5 color small silver spoon

    2 other lost fish, but can't remember on what.  good luck out there.







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  2. Great job Guys and girls!  Congrats on a great finish.  We also fished The Big Red Classic (Nawara Brothers). I think we sat next to you at the prize ceremony.  We finished 10th overall with a 24.3lb King.  Saturday we went north to Port Sheldon and fished 90-120fow and caught 2 coho, and 2 steelhead, lost 4 others (couldn't get that 5th fish in the boat) all on meat rigs.  sunday we went south to Saugatuck and started in 65 fow because we saw cold water in tight.  First fish was a 24.3lb king in 68fow 35 down on rigger with blue spotted dick meat rig.  Then we went 2-4 in the next hour in 70-80fow.  At 8am the bite stopped in tight so we moved out to 140 and picked up 3 steelhead to finish the day.

    24.3lb king.jpg



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