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  1. Not sure how to prevent it, but to remove it cut the lure / swivel off, trail the line out behind the boat and let it drag for a while.  It will un-twist itself.


    Is it with the same lure every time?  Could be something is out of tune...

  2. Cool.  Have yet to see them down here but one was taken in Muskegon this summer.


    Michigan DNR forever "there is no natural salmon reproduction" then they were like "there may be a little salmon reproduction" and now it's like "about 75% of the kings are naturally reproduced".

    In the mean time this little plant of pinks slowly expands across the great lakes...

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  3. Yep, planers and cranks.   Just when you think you know what kind and color they want, another one becomes the hot bait, so I shotgun each trip based on conditions and then try to dial in color / type / depth if I get enough hits to make a pattern.  Try to play chicken with the drop offs as the fish like to hold against them.

    My biggest walleyes have come on J-plugs looking for kings though.  Which is weird as if they are targeting big lures, I also run a lot of deep thundersticks for kings and have never had a walleye hit one of those.  




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  4. "My dad and I see tons of guys slow trolling the drop offs in the summer and they few guys I hear from say you'll pick some up but you'll also be dealing with catfish and sheephead left and right"


    And sailboat races, and ignorant power boaters, and territorial so called walleye charters that will run you over when you're the only other boat fishing.  I swear though it's about 10 sheep per walleye, and one cat fish per walleye.  At least the sheep are easy to tell as they hit and fight hard and tend to head up to the top.  The cats stay down and head shake and every one makes you think it's a 30" walleye until it isn't.

  5. Fished Holland Harbor Friday night and did my part to help strain the weeds out of the channel and lake.  Cycling through rods non-stop to keep them clean.  No marks at all out front in the 54 degree water so didn't waste time in there.  In two passes down the channel didn't see much to stay in there either, so went into Mac.  Had one big rip in there, missed one hit, and caught three (3) small sheep.  Pulling lines in the near dark looked over and one rod tapped a couple times like a perch hitting a minnow, but the board didn't move.  Looked suspicious so we pulled that one next and found a 21" walleye hanging out.

    Mac has walleye but it's a tough nut to crack.  I fished it six times this year and caught walleye twice.   Granted, when I do catch them, they are very nice, healthy fish.  I crack up when I clean the walleye we catch on the bay - a 20" walleye in the bay barely cracks 3# but the same fish from Mac is usually 4#+.

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  6. I run ~20' leaders on my slide divers and 40' on my riggers.  Puts all the lures all in about the same line.  Not sure if that helps but in my OCD head it feels right.

    Two things to remember, the rocks on the south side of the channel aren't vertical like the channel walls and love to eat gear, and plugs dive so when your rigger is at 14' in 18' of water, your plug could very well be banging into the bottom, and there's all kinds of fun stuff there too.

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  7. Once again 2md beats me to the punch but all was not lost.  Conned my wife and daughter into heading out last night and it didn't disappoint.

    First pass down the channel, got into a bunch of salad so I turned around and started cleaning lines in Mac.  Something heavy on a down rigger.  Hand it over to my daughter, she reels in a 17" largemouth bass on a size 4 wonderbread J plug.  That's a first.

    Head back out, get into the lake and a slide diver starts thumping.  Hand that to my daughter and the same rigger just explodes.  We clear traffic and land a small sheep, throw it back, and then land a 14.3# sheep on the rigger.  Fought very hard - thought it was a king.

    Head in and just past big red a rigger pops and just sits there arced over a bit.  As I reach for it a king sharks to the top and tears off across the channel.  Somehow there was a gap in traffic as he's now in between the arms on the north side and still going.  I crank the boat around and tell my wife to just reel, pull in the planers, point the boat at the fish and goose the throttle.  The sheriff comes over to see why this dude just crazy Ivan'ed 135 degrees across the channel.  Another boat comes over and passes within 6' of us as I'm motoring, sheriff lights him up and pulls him over.  Somehow we get the fish out from under the boat and not tangled and net it.

    Highlight of the night is trolling back past the sheriff and look over and he's got his phone up filming us.  We wave.  He points behind us.  Seven figure mega Sea Ray just hauling through the no wake zone.  Rich boy gets lit up and pulled over.  His crew looked happy.  Boat name "Running Late".  ha ha ha ha 

    Last trip down the channel slide diver gets popped and I gun the throttle trying to pull the fish out of traffic and into Mac.  He ain't having it and jumps.  Lead boat in the pack behind us slows down and the other 4-5 do as well to allow us room to play this thing out.  Can't say thanks enough.  Land it by Van Andel's docks and hoist it up to applause from the boats around us.

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  8. Could not buy a hit last night.  Fished 70-100' from full core to bottom mix of flashers, plugs, spoons, changed speed, changed directions, nothing.  Marked some fish all deep, marked the break at about 62', and at dark marked 6-7 huge bait balls in 70'.

    Pulling lines in the dark in 65' my wife is reeling in a copper and I'm reeling in a wire diver and the last rigger down just starts hammering.  We let it go until she stows the copper then she tries to pick it up but it won't move.  I finally get the wire in and throw it on the floor, crank up the rigger and trip the release having no idea where the line and fish are and hoping not near the prop.  The king was on a free slider and was riding it up and down the line.  Had it decided to make a run it could have hit the release full speed and broken off everything.  Fish pops up along side the boat and takes off, I turn to get it behind the boat and now we're beam sea in nasty tight east wind chop (14' boat).  However my wife knows the drill and soon we had a 19# king on the floor on top of all the gear we threw there.

    Did I mention my wife had a broken foot?  Usually since real estate is precious on a 14' I have everything put away but I just left the king in the net on the floor and we motored in.  Wife goes to step out of the boat onto the dock, hooks the net, and flips into the gap between the boat and the dock.  I was mortified.  She thought it was pretty funny.  So since the boat towel was clean from not wiping anything up, she put on my hoody and used that as a skirt and told me if we got pulled over on the way home it would not go well for me.  "Ma'am, step out of the car".  "Uh, no officer, that's not going to work..."

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  9. Call them up, ask to talk to the officer, explain what he did, and what it cost you.  Otherwise it's just going to happen again.


    Absolutely no reason the people we pay to serve and protect have no idea of what they are doing.  I used to rent storage to an Ottawa County marine sheriff and let's say I put in more water time in on most weekends than he did in a year.  Didn't even own a boat outside of work.

  10. Fished Tawas as a guest last Friday morning, warm water everywhere and the fish were scattered after the big blow the day before.  We covered a lot of ground and picked up walleye here and there, going 5/6, most fish on 8-10 color cores.  Reeling in small walleye on 10 colors is possibly even less thrilling than reeling in lake trout on full cores.  But at least every hit pulled the boards back well enough to tell, which lakers sometimes don't even bother with trying.

    Switched over to Au Gres that afternoon and had a sporting ride in the waves.  The boat does not handle them nearly as well at 1.6 as it does at 2.7.  Besides cleaning the interior of the boat many times over, we went 11/12 with two big cats, three sheep of various sizes, a small eye, and five keepers from 1.6-3#.  Spoons off slide divers were best, had crawlers out too but they mostly caught the farm animals.  Wondered what it could have been if I'd put out all plugs and spoons and rolled faster.  Best water was on a line from the point to the other point (I don't know the names) in 20-24' of water.

  11. Page 10, second column, second paragraph:

    "Hook-and-Line Fishing: Fish not hooked in the mouth must be returned to the water immediately."

    Of course about three lines later in the same paragraph it says you can't fish with a bare hook, and a bare gold size 14 hook has landed many an alewife for me jigged in the channel when they are in.


    Not trying to bust balls here and I like you reports but the DNR has been known to mine social media for contacts.

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  12. Tried out front last night, as the sensor in the channel showed water as cold as 52 degrees had come in overnight and the buoy had 50 degrees down like 25'.

    Never found anything below 64 on the surface.  Marked a lot of perch in 20' or so.  Actually caught one on a Flicker Shad.  And we caught sheep.

    Caught sheep in 30', caught sheep out front, caught sheep in the channel, down the shipping lane, past the no wake zone.  I bet we caught over 30 of them.  No real size.  No pattern.  They hit everything.

    Sheriff was out and was plenty busy busting people who can't seem to figure out what no wake means.  Good.

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