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  1. 27 minutes ago, jdh said:

    I was reading that you had good success on steelhead with the slide divers.  What's your setup for those?  I haven't been able to get steelies on any divers.

    The regular size slide diver on a #4 setting generally out between 60-100ft with about  30-50 feet lead behind the diver to a spoon. I use 20# mono for a leader from the barrel swivel to the spoon swivel. Hope this helps!

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  2. Used Rods, Combos and New Cisco Rod Tree

    1 Coldwater 303D with 50lb braid on a 8ft Okuma Big Lake Tournament Copper rod over $200 retail 
    Asking $100

    1 Coldwater 303D with braid backer and 1 color leadcore on a 8ft Okuma Big Lake Tournament Copper rod over $200 retail 
    Asking $100

    (2) Shimano 8ft wire roller rods retail $139.99 each
    asking $80 each or $150 for pair 

    (2) Okuma Classic Pro 8'6 copper rods
    $25 each of or $40 for the pair

    (2)  okuma cold water 10'6 dipsy rods $79.99 retail each
    $45 each or $80 pair

    (2) shimano talora 7ft ml downrigger rods $69.99 retail each
    $35 each or $60 for the pair

    (2) shimano talora 10'0 m dipsy rods $79.99 retail each
    $45 each or $80 for the pair

    (2) Cisco Tree Mast 3 Rod Holder all rods holders fully adjustable tube angle thumb screw mounting retail for $779.98 for the pair $500 brand new in box

    email [email protected] if interested all payments will be PayPal and we can discuss shipping costs

  3. I have the following reels for sale all have no box.....

    4 Used Abu Garcia 7000 c3 they are all in good working condition and on eBay they are going for $80-120 each used. 
    $55 each or all 4 for $200

    1 Okuma Convector 55L (new) $80 
    2 Okuma Convector 55L with braid and copper (new) $100 each or $180 pair
    4 Okuma Convector 30DS high speed (new) $75 each or $280 for 4
    1 Penn GTI (new) with 200 copper $90
    1 Okuma Coldwater 253D (new) $75
    1 Okuma Magda Pro 20 (new) $30
    1 Okuma Magda Pro 30 (new) $30
    1 Okuma Convector 15D (new) $60

    This will be first paid first get. We will agree to a shipping price based on how many you purchase and where you live. 

    Please email [email protected] if interested


  4. Used Rods all 1 year old rods

    Okuma Big Lake Tournament Series 8ft Wire rods open eyes with swivel tips

    Retail price 109.95 each

    Used price $60 each or $115 for the pair

    Okuma Big Lake Series Copper rods

    (2) 9ft

    (8) 8ft

    Retail price $89.99

    Used Price $45 each

    Okuma Big Lake Series

    8ft m Downriggers rods (2)

    Retail Price $69.99 each

    Used price $30 each

    10' mh diver rods (2)

    Retail Price $79.99 each

    Used price $30 each

    Okuma Coldwater rods

    All retail for $79.99

    Used price $35 each

    (9) 8'6 m downrigger or planer board rods

    All Coldwater rods has limited lifetime warranty and the big lake series have 4 years left of a 5 year warranty

    Email me if interested and to discuss details at [email protected]

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