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  1. If you are looking for a Saturday morning charter, the only Saturday AM charter I have left is August 2. I do still have a few Sunday am charters available. Weekday openings are also available.

    The Tournament is over and info will flow a little more freely in Ludington.

    Over the weekend the best "charter" fishing was offshore...A mixed bag of Kings, Coho's, Steelhead and Lake Trout. The key was to fish the temp breaks...either the edge of the cold and warm, or try to stay in the cold.

    Flat lines and short coppers were best with silver streak mini streaks in orang crush, Jerry Lee, mixed veggie and chilli goose. Stinger goldie locks were also hot.

    Meat rigs with white flashers and Ok'i Kingfisher flashers in the black mamba with cold steel or red teasers and red bait heads were good deeper for kings. I only run the Familiar Bite herring strips. They are the best on the market.



  2. We still have openings for this coming holiday weekend, both am and pm openings available.

    The fishing in Ludington has been a little hit and miss for the last week or so. Our inshore fishing slowed last week due to the winds moving the water. The fsh scattered. The offshore fishing was just getting set up. Although it was way offshore. There were good numbers of steelhead,lake trout and salmon out there. Mostly a spoon program with high lines and short coppers and leadcore working best.

    Now we have several days of south winds, this should set up the bank and hopefully create a thermocline and concetrate the bait. The Salmon fishing should be better this week. Load up the meat rigs and flashers if this happens. The fish should be down 70' plus by mid week.


  3. Spring looks to finally arrived, the lake is now just about ice free and boats are going in the water.

    Early reports are that the Coho and Brown trout fishing has been going well.

    I did sell my Baha back in February and am working to get a new boat ready for this summers fishing...it's going to be a great year on Lake Michigan !!

    Stay tuned.


  4. Yes, I'm pretty sure the boat would need a 12' height it clear a garage opening, I'm 6' and I can walk under the hardtop without tilting my head, add into that the distance from the floor to the bottom of the hull,plus the radar dome and rod holders on the top. I would think you need more than 10'. Plenty of places to store it inside in ludington, I have also heard the fairgrounds store boats cheap there. Thanks for the interest...please let me know if you have any questions.



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