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  1. Fished the Pere Marquette river from 7:30am to 1:30. We landed 8 out of the 25 we hooked. We fished the fly only section so our set up was a 10wt with a chuck and duck rig. Fish were moving on the gravel till about 8:20 then they started to hole up. Most of the fish were 13-16 lbs but we did land one around 19lbs. There were also a couple nice browns hanging back behind the kings feeding on the loose eggs. Overall the run wasn't the best but we did manage to hook a good amount of fish.

  2. Sorry for the late report!!. Went 9-13. Fishin was on the slower side so we pulled lines at 10:00 and went to breakfast. Yellow meat rigs with fat nacy spin doctors worked well on deep coppers. Riggers 40-80 down all took fish with meat rigs and 200coppers with small plugs also took fish. It was nice to fish the rough water in a 43ft tiara though.


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