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  1. Fished from 630 to 930 tonight and went 3 for 3.

    1st king came on a downrigger at 70 with blue meat rig in 120ft of water

    2nd was a steelhead on a 350 copper green flasher and fly in 90 ft of water

    Last was a small king, pulling in the last rigger it decided to hit, again on blue meat rig, 75 ft of water about 70 down

    Sure was bouncy out there in my 23 footer. All fish came on southeast troll because its the only heading I could hold

  2. Went out this morning to try and beat the weather. After scrapping the ice off the windshield we made our way out to 90 ft with a west troll. Marked a lot of fish, first to go off was rigger down 55 with a Mongolian beef. In 110 another hit on rigger down 70 with orange crush, king lost at the back of the boat. Then had 2 hits on a Carmel dolphin on 8 color. Fought both for about a min or so when they came unbuckled. All in all a nice 2 hours on the water

  3. Nice! Thanks for the report will be headed out tomorrow through this weekend. WHere do you think we should?? FOW any and all info appreciate! I'm taking a couple newbies with me and really want them to get into some fish. Thanks again for the report!

    I started in 60 and marked fish the whole time to 90 so I think you can start anywhere really. I didnt get any hits on spinners/flys but that could just have been me. Direction didnt seem to matter. Speed was about 2.7 sog. Enjoy! Hope this helps

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  4. Went out for a short trip from 8 pm to 945 pm. Went 2/3 with a king and a steelhead on a lemon ice on rigger down 25. Both hits in 80 feet. Another good rip on 300 copper, not sure the name of the spoon but it's green and orange. All in all a good short trip. Wife caught her first ever king.

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