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    Two licenses on board.   Went 1 for 3,     Started approx 6:45 AM to 2:00 PM   Flat water and sunshine

    Lost smaller fish probably Lake Trout on 300 Copper with meat rig in 134 FOW

    Took 5 lb Lake trout on 10 color lead ore with blue-chrome splatterback SS plug. in 180 FOW

    Lost heavy hit on free-slider Pro-King Jagerbomb spoon on Downrigger set at 65 feet down in 190 FOW

    Marked fish mostly between 65 and 85 down at every depth we fished.  A few outliers at other depths.  Not many bait balls.  There were two different scum lines we crossed over with some upper marks, but no hits.

    That's the story.



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  2. 6 for 7    Two Steelhead, Two Coho, Laker, King    Two licenses on board

    7:20 AM  3 releases on downrigger consecutively...landed two Steelhead (2 and 10#) in 106 FOW all releases on Craigs Flounder at 45 feet down.

    King 13# on 350 copper with Black DW rotator and red meat rig with herring strip.

    Smaller Coho on Pro King Kevorkian spoon on a slider rig.

    Lake Trout 6.5# on 3 color copper on East-West troll to 130 FOW

    Larger Coho on GK-tackle green-gold/orange backside small spoon in 88 FOW on slider. 

    Multiple reports on radio of others making catches of Blue Dolphin spoons.  Tried 4 of them in mixed for a couple hours, not a hit.  




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  3. Went 6 for 9  with two licenses on board.

    6 hits on downriggers and 3 on  3-color and 10 color leadcore.

    Lost first three fish, two were Kings, third unknown.  One King tangled two other lines.  Had to hand line it in and lost it when line broke halfway into the net.  

    Ended with 2 Kings (twin 16#)  and 4 lakers  @ 10, 5,4,3#

    All spoons, caught (and lost) fish from 106 - 153 FOW and 15 feet to 96 feet down.  

    Best spoons were Pro-King with purple...purple-silver, purple-yellow and JJ. McMuffin Moonshine spoon.  Some others on orange and white.

    Surface speed was average of 3.0.  Quit at 3:30 PM with increasing winds and rougher waves.


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  4. Fished from 4:30 PM to 8:30 PM  Solo

    All South trolls with the waves, in 105 -115 FOW  Few marks.  3.0 ave. surface speed.

    4 for 6,   King 10#, 2 Lakers 6 and 3.5#, and Steelhead 8.5#.

    Lost huge Laker at the net and had a rip on a downrigger, but got off quickly.

    All spoons, JJ Muffin, Pro King Jagerbomb, and Pro King purple-silver and all silver (short spoon) Don't know the names.  

    Downriggers with free sliders everything but 3-color leadcore (took the Steelhead).  

    Quit early as waves were rough on my boat.


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  5. Fished from 7:30 AM to 11:30 AM  Solo

    FOW 85-105    Nothing beyond 95.   7 for 8   Released two.

    3 Lakers early, before I could get 3 lines out...on Down rigger and 3 color leadcore.  

    Nothing for over an hour.  Marked fish from 10 feet to 46 feet down

    Then successive rapid-fire hits Coho, 2 Kings, Coho on all lines.  Kept Kings, released Cohos.

    All fish on spoons.  Was running at least one flasher and fly all morning....no hits.   

    Spoons most productive were a variety of Moonshine spoons.  Craigs Flounder, Double trouble, Tangerine ?.  

    Also Pro King Jagerbomb and Michigan Stinger Hud special.

    First two trips of the year....skunked.



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  6. Never had any problems pulling 10 color behind a Church Walleye board.  I adjust the weigh fully forward.  Then I turn the forward clip 180 degrees so the open clip end faces the board.  I put the line in the clip so it is behind the clip post and between the clip and the board.  Never comes off and never flips over on me even in rough waters.

    Agree with JDH.  Put a length of 40 lb. test between braid backer and lead core to clip the board to the line.

  7. I like the idea, but I'd make a different recommendation on the number of "reasonable" lines per boat.  

    Instead of 12 lines for up to two licenses on board, I'd suggest 6 lines max for a single  license on board and then 3 lines per additional license on board.  In other words, with two licenses = 9 lines max, 3 licenses = 12 lines max., etc.

    I like the original thought of allowing more lines when there is a single fisherman on board.  When I go solo, I would like to run more than 3 lines and would be willing to pay extra as an annual fee to do so.



  8. ,

    Long day.  Fished 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM before first hit.

    Went 3 for 5 by 9:30 PM

    19#  and 14# Kings on green meat rig and Live wire SD (both caught on same line)  on 350 copper

    11# Steelhead on green ladderback glow Silverstreak plug on 5 color leadcore.

    Missed simultaneous double on 350 copper with black/glow SD with red/black meat rig, and same green ladderback SS plug on 5 color.

    Nothing on downriggers.  Nothing on any spoons.  Green seemed to be the color.

    All fish caught in 115-165 FOW  

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