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  1. I went out of Holland last night from 4:30 - 8:30 and got no hits.  Trolled from 65 - 95 FOW down to the sliders and made one pass through the piers on the way in.  I forgot my jeans so had shorts on and was swarmed by biting flies out on the water.  Ouch!  I was the only boat out fishing that I could see.  That was eerie!!  At least it was a beautiful evening to be on the water.

  2. 0/0, and didn't talk to anyone that did good. Saw 3 fish landed in Pere Marquette lake and 3 fish on stringers on the North pier. Trolled the channel and out to 70 FOW and back, then the channel and lake for what seemed like days! Tried everything I had. Maybe we should have anchored and jigged...

    All the big local boats from the marina went way out deep, out of sight. Forgot my radio (it's always something, LOL) so didn't hear how they were doing.

    DNR surveyor said one boat had 5, another had 3, and the rest had 0 or 1.

    Everyone was too excited to sleep the night before so we left at midnight and started fishing at 2:30 a.m. Needless to say, we won't be doing that again! It's weird being the only vehicle at a huge launch site....

  3. wind and waves already half the size they were this morning - going to go troll the inside part of the channel and the west side of macatawa in a couple hours - might be premature - hopefully cold water and currents are pushing down the shore and into holland harbor

    Someone has to be the first! :) Good luck!

    Thanks for all the info guys! I'm going to gear up for Sunday and hope the weather cooperates. I'll keep checking back to see how everyone has been doin and let you know how we do.

  4. Here's some of my 2013 highlights. For salmon, it was a year of learning for me. Just my second year at it and I'm learning a lot, with still a long way to go!

    My biggest salmon from the lake so far - 19.75lbs. In the Holland channel this fall.


    An early season Laker my buddy Chris landed


    Got a baby sitter and made it out for a fun evening.


    Found the best way to make Lake Trout edible!


    I was an observer for Fly Catcher in the Big Red Classic. They got 4th and I learned a lot!


    Detroit River walleye jigging.


    Made it into the money in my company bass tournament.


    There weren't any steelhead in the Pere Marquette but we sure found the trout.


    Late season limit of geese.


    Meat in the freezer


  5. Fished all weekend in my 16.5ft bright blue boat, no name yet.

    Sat. am. 3/4

    Sat. pm. 0/0

    Sun. am. 4/5

    Saturday morning trolled out through the channel before light and hooked up just out of the piers. Lost it at the boat, about a 16 pound king. Caught 3 more in 138ft. One 12lb, other two about 18 - 20 inches on the north troll. At the piers - glow stinger spoon that was greenish behind a tiny dipsy 120 out. In 138', 2 on a Patriot dark blue spoon on 10 color, 1 on orange glow fly green spinnie.

    Saturday evening nothing. DNR officer at the launch when we came in said no one was doing any good in the evening.

    Sunday morning was rough. Trolled the channel out then turned back at pier heads because of waves, next pass through we were able to go out in the lake a little. Immediately hooked up on a double 40 yards outside the piers! Lost an 16lb on a homemade blue and glow fly with blue and glow spin doctor off the DR 14' down. 2nd one was 16lb on a green ladder back Jplug with strips of glow tape 12' down on DR. Next pass just north of the north pier hooked up on the blue homemade fly again in about 25-30fow. Got cutoff by another boat that decided to push us into the beach. Managed to keep the fish out of their boards that were straight behind us but it was close. Landed the 20 pounder, my biggest so far on the lake. Last fish was a few hours later about halfway through the channel on a green Hot 'n' Tot on mono a ways out, 16lb king.

    Oh and we got a 17" walleye in Lake Mac between the channel and the green buoy on a green/blue glow spoon on 3 color.

    I can post pictures of the lures if anyone is interested, since I don't know all the fancy names yet!

  6. Went 2/3 in the morning and 2/3 in the evening. All in 90 - 110 fow.

    Got a really late start, didn't set lines until around 8. Got a 6.5 and a 7.5lb king. Nothing biting mid-day.

    In the evening we set up at 7ish and picked up another small one right away. It was slow until right at dark. It sounded like everyone on the radio had doubles or triples on in the dark. I landed an 18 pounder, my biggest so far.

    What worked:

    7.5lb king - 10 color with dark blue spoon (I don't have down all the fancy names yet).

    6.5lb king - 7 color with a green/white spinnie and a blue glow fly


    6 lb king - 7 or 10 color, can't remember. Blue glow fly again.

    18 lb king - DR down about half way in 100fow. It was tangled in about 3 lines and in the mess of lures, paddles, spinnies and snapswivels I didn't see what I caught it on. I think the fish sat forgotten in the net for 10 minutes while we tried to untangle our rods and ourselves, all with a bit of a buzz. What a fun mess!

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