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  1. Second week in October I've limited out on steel in 8' and steel 17 miles out over 330'. With Lakers open year round now I'm looking forward to targeting them as the season winds down, as we catch a lot in close up until ice forms.

    I forgot lakers were year round now. So we could jig them when they come into the lakes or are they only open on lake mi? I like the idea of 8' water and that's what I'll most like target.

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  2. Yes that's mine bought it off a guy in Holland in April

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    Thought it looked familiar. I looked at it, but paying for a masters so it wasn't financially possible. Then found out it belonged to the dad of my neighbor and fishing buddy. He decided on a 1850 crestliner for multi species instead of his dads polar. That's a sweet looking boat though....enjoy it!

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  3. 2-2 both browns. Both on thin fins on mono. Orange with black squiggle lines in 20 fow, the other on silver with yellow back in 10 fow.

    Shorter brown had about 8 minnows about 3-4" long in the belly, all baby brown trout. Longer brown had 2 in it...1 alewife and 1 baby brown. Both were 4-5 lb fatties. Guess we know that the 2 musky I caught 2 weeks ago are doing in lake MI.IMG_1493299287.625904.jpgIMG_1493299301.092208.jpgIMG_1493299310.467416.jpg



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  4. This is late but for future FYI....

    In case you didn't figure it out manistuque is huge and shallow. Need to find weeds and structure. I caught 4 in a week in 2014. 3 while perching, 1 trolling a shallow crank. My brother does decent in the northwest part when they go. Hope you had fun. We stayed at sleepy eyed goose on the south west side. Les and Kristy are great, little boat marina was great, had a fun week up there

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