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  1. These facebook posts from "GLF Pro Staff" are just fake scripted posts of their facebook page that someone else is doing. I do not doubt that most or all of them are fake. Seriously go back and look at all these facebook posts in the last 6 months, and tell me how many of them have given you a reply or anything. Your not going to see it. What you will see is a bunch of FAKE One Liners linked to their facebook page.

    "GLF Pro Staff members will have the benefit and convenience of automatically sharing content from their Facebook pages with the GLF community in the fishing report forum chosen to be most relevant to their business and location (i.e., Lake Michigan captains will have their reports posted to the Lake Michigan Fishing Reports forum). This free promotion of your business will bring recognition and drive traffic to both your Facebook page and your charter or guide business. There is no extra work required after we set up your Pro Staff account - you post on Facebook and that post is shared automatically with the GLF community. The benefit for GLF and its members is high quality content from professional captains and guides from around the Great Lakes. There is no cost associated with participating in the program. All qualifying captains and guides will be given a Pro Staff Badge to put on their website upon acceptance."

    I personally disagree with that statement, we at GLF are not getting "High Quality Content", thats not being posted to their facebook page. If it were to be of a higher quality these guys would be involved with the forums, not just a One liner linked to a picture. Yes, i understand the owner of the website is here to make this site busier, to increase traffic to it, so that it is more profitable for him. But this "GLF Pro Staff" facebook script needs to stop. It does not belong on Great Lakes Fisherman.

  2. As I have finally bitten the bullet and dove into Copper this year, I also am in the market now for some Triple Trees. What do you folks have? Where did you buy them from, and how do you like them?

    Any info would be great!



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