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  1. You are not kidding that storm was nasty! We were in the mud as well and got a nice steelhead on s 3 color and Moonshine Red Pepper spoon. We saw the storm coming and beelined it back to Port Sheldon. Got off the water just before the heavens opened up. That was our first time in the mud this year. Stinks about the weather as the fish were stacked in there.

  2. A couple of the kids and I decided to honker down and try trolling the piers and channel with our new waverunner rod hold contraption today. The equipment worked great! We were able to run 4 boards and our speed was spot on. We only trolled for about 90 minutes total but never got a screamer. We even tried inside Mac all the way up to where the no wake ends in front of Tiara. Anyone know anything? Anything still happening or have the fish pretty much all moved on down the line? We did see some hogs jumping for whatever it is worth and may try again tomorrow. Check out the PICTURE of the jetski all rigged that I took of it when we shot over to the sliders to play a little after getting skunked.

    Nice work! That is a great idea. I am especially amazed you got the trolling spead down though on that thing.

  3. Well Saturday morning started out very frustrating and expensive but ended up good (fishing wise at least). Bye 10:30 we were only 1-3 with the one fish coming on a Moonshine Stripetastic on DR 90 down in 160 FOW and one break off on a dipsey 188 back with a Moonshine RV Happymeal (fish broke the line). We kept heading out West and got to 190, when snap there went all on the down rigger cable and the ball to the bottom of the lake. At this moment we were very frustrated and thinking about cutting our losses and heading back in. Instead I suggested we go back to the 165 FOW range and that's when the fun began. We quickly took a double with one on a Moo Moo Dream Weaver meat rig. The dipseys kept firing with one coming on a lemon ice regular size spoon (crazy coho wrapped the line and the spoon completely around its' mouth, bending the spoon (never saw that before). The other dipsey (both were braid dipseys) took 2 on a 11 inch green and white Fishcatcher with a green and blue fly. We ended up just circling back thru that 165 foot range and ended up 5 for 8, with 2 coho both nice size and 3 kings both in the upper teens pushing twenty. It was great to get out again as it had been weeks since I was last out.

  4. New Addiction, I finally got into running meat this year and like running it on 300 copper with DW meat rigs. Eastiest way is to get some Earie Dearie premium trolling strips and put them in a freezer bag with Fire Brine and leave in the freezer until you need them. I like the blue fire brine. I hope that helps. Good luck!

  5. Well it was rough and slow out there this morning to say the least. We ended up 1 for 3. It was a good thing that we brought the coppers and the meat rigs as the spoons on the riggers never got a sniff. What worked: 1/2 on an 8in Hammer Time Spindoctor with a DW Moo Moo meat rig. 0/1 on an 6in Atomic White Killer Spindoctor with a white/green glow fly. Our depth was 130ish. Hopefully it picks up out there soon.

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