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  1. Fishoak, I think that was us this morning by you. We hooked into a 24lb king in 115 on a Musselhead Tackle meatrig Emerald Shiner in color with a Kevin’s Mistress Spin Dr on a 300’ copper. I had barely set the road out, put it in the holder and the fish hit. You gotta love that! We had a lot of hits without hookups this morning as well. Maybe cohos slapping at our lures? All hits came on flasher/flies and meatrig this morning. No hits on spoons or our riggers.

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  2. 120-180 FOW, ended up going 6 for 8, with 2 big kings, one of which was 23 and the other 19lbs, 3 nice steelhead, one of which was 16lbs, and the other two 12lbs and 1 shaker laker that went back to be caught again. Spoons took 5 of the fish- blue dolphin, NBK, Steelie Dan, Mixed veggie, and Zombie Apocalypse. The other came on a Musselhead Tackle meatrig- Haymaker behind a big flasher on a 300 copper. The 200 copper had the Zombie Apocalypse on it and the rest came on riggers. Nothing on 10 color and lost one on a blue spin dr and fly on the dipsey. We fished from 6:30-1:30. Great day out there!

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