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  1. I have used the Edgemaker for a long time and have been very happy with them, might not leave the "best" edge by some standards but but they are easy to use, quick and do a nice job by my standards, which is to keep a good edge on my pocket knives, hunting knives, fillet knives and houshold knifes. I keep them in my "Box of Death"(fishing knifes and hardware for cleaning fish), my hunting gear and in the house.

  2. Brian,

    The Walker Riggers you bought from me were converted from the rocker switch's to the toggle switch. I was told by the original owner of them that they were done by some one at the factory or the Walker repair center so I would assume that they are Walker toggle switchs. They also seem to be the same as the switchs on my sons Walkers riggers as do the power cords, as a matter of fact we have run them off other Walker power cords. The power cord wires seem a little light but have always worked ok and I ran them with a 15 amp fuse.

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