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  1. Dennis,

    I tried getting you on the radio a couple of times but no luck. Glad you did well. We also got a few fish. Ended up 4/4 all kings. We fished anywhere from 140' to 180'. All but one of our fish hit on a rigger. Blue bubble on a UV blue paddle took two and a mt dew spin doctor with a pickled sunshine took one. The other was on a dipsey with a blue dolphin spoon. What type of boat were you in, because i talked to a group of guys at the launch who had similar results as you and i am thinking it might have been you.


  2. Thank you for all the help guys.

    We ended up 4/4 last night. All kings, two 13lbs, one 11lbs and one 9lbs. We started in 160' and worked out to 180' and eventually worked our way back in to 140'. The first fish hit a dipsy with a blue dolphin spoon while I was setting the second dipsy back. The next two fish came on a rigger 145' down in 160 fow on a dream weaver 11" UV blue paddle with a blue bubble fly. The last fish was on a rigger 90' down in 140 fow on a dream weaver Mt. Dew spin doctor and a pickled sunshine fly.

    Thanks again for the help. As you probably noticed all the fish came on baits that you suggested. I know that four fish isin't a lot compared to what some of you are catching, but it was plenty of fun for me.


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